Uncertainty is the fear that haunt cancer patients and its burden impact their lives Cancer Patients live with burdens that beyond their tumors Cancer Patients live with psychological, societal and loss of time burdens We Want Life will study all the burdens that the patients and their families face & from a cancer patient perspective, they will suggest solutions.

Nothing about us without us; It is our slogan, inspired by international movement for advocacy We are committed to tell health care professionals, policy makers and the public that, Now it is time for a patient who can participate in giving recommendations for the improvement of health care system

The First Patient Advocacy Group (PAG) in Egypt, Established Under The Law No.70 For The Year 1997 For The Ministry of Domestic Affairs We Want Life Was Founded By 17 Patients, Survivors & Caregivers That Their Lives Affected By All Kinds Of Cancers We Want Life is a Dream That Someday Patients in All Kinds of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Will Fell The Power That They Have A Voice and They Are A Part Of The Process Of Decision Making.

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